Sakshi Gupta

Poker in VR

I thoroughly enjoyed this game and graphics. I played it online with random people with whom I could even talk. It was a virtual space where you choose your avatar and the play with people. It was something I had never seen before. Part visualization of having meetings in virtual space and stuff which I had read about previously shown here in this game was pretty new and cool for me. It had tutorials as well to teach Poker. Also, when you turn, change side or look around your avatar does the same as well so for the people around you it would appear as you are acting in real time. So initially when I was looking around one of the players kept pointing out why I am moving so much. Oh, and you can even mute yourself or mute other players and visually it puts a tape on the other player’s avatar which was funny to me.

This experience was really new for me and really fun too. I would definitely want to have an avatar based more experiences. Controls for this are really simple. There isn’t much that you need to do in a card game. Choosing money was a bit difficult for me but I eventually figured it out. Overall I had a fun experience. Obviously, there is a lot that could be done and improved in this but on a whole, it is still a good package.

Damming the Nile

So this isn’t a game this is a documentary. I want to try out games but I don’t really enjoy shooting/action games so much. I enjoy the graphics and experience things more. Damming the Nile is a documentary on making a big dam on River Nile in Ethiopia. This is important for this country and the nearby countries because of the vast amount of electricity it will generate. But because this dam will alter the flow of the river, the downstream countries Sudan and Egypt are worried because their economies are dependent on the Nile. This is a big thing and countries are worried though Ethiopia claims that it will help everyone and probably is made on an international scale. 80% of Ethiopia’s population still don’t have electricity. And this dam can change that.

Talking about the experience, I think it can be improved in terms of shooting. I have really enjoyed national geographic my whole life and so this wasn’t that enjoyable for me because of the low quality work. Experiences like these could be the future I think when instead of traveling you put on your VR and you can go places.  

Getting better at headers, Great headers

Not a football fan but I opened this game called Great Headers, it is really simple and I don’t even think it is even eligible to be called a game. But it was super fun. I played it thrice and I loved it thoroughly. So the game is about hitting headers and hitting them so that they hit the point boards which are placed distributed on the ground and in the air. You have to make a gesture using your head in the direction you want the ball to go and with what power/thrust. I lost all the three games but still I was glad to play.

I played this game on Oculus go and for a while, I felt like something was actually hitting my head. In real life I wear spectacles and I can never imagine myself hitting headers coz I would always be so scared to not get a black eye or a concussion or break my glasses. But to actually be able to play without any limitation was itself liberating. I mean the encouragement and letting go of the fear of the ball hitting you was amazing. I was wondering how the game designers are tracking head movement because it was fascinating how many more things that could be done using the same tech. In fact, it could be used for simulation purposes for players. I will be doing my further research to get to know more of this head movement tracking thing.

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