Sakshi Gupta

September -  October, 2020
Self Initiated, done as a part of studio project related to marginalization and marginalia

Content Authenticity

Exploring some research questions like how to give credits when the art is made by an AI. How can we assign roles in collaboration?

AR based exploration

October - November, 2020
Self Initiated, done as a part of studio project

DNA Information Storage

The future of information storage, origination, dissemination, and mutation in decentralized DNAs.

This is a speculative project and was done while thinking about how information and resources utilized to store information are marginalized. After going through multiple iterations and explorations on content, content retrace-ability, credits in AI generated work, permissions in AI generated work, blockchains, and meta in work, I decided on the topic of information storage. This speculative project is grounded in research. DNA is the smallest unit of information storage and is abundantly available. 

You can click on images and watch linked videos, which are a part of the exploration.

What is DNA Information Storage, why should we think about it, and how can it be done? Please click to open link

Study 1: Making this technology accessible and tangible for people. Defining how interactions can happen and information can be shared and received.

Study 2 in bringing people closer. What if through DNA chemical synthesis we could share smell with each other?

Study 3: Hacking and natural processes of DNA. Click on the image to open youtube video.

Study 4: A very small study with a lot left explored due to time constraints.

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