Sakshi Gupta

April 2024

Syashi as lead designer on these projects

Background Replace

The videos below show some highlights and demos of Photoshop's Generative AI features that my team and I have worked on from inception to completion. Learn more about our commitment to responsible and ethical innovation here.

"Replace background "workflow with "Generate Background," a feature I designed.

Generate Background streamlines one of the most common editing tasks. In a few steps, you can seamlessly remove and replace a background with generated content that matches the lighting, shadows, and perspective of your subject. In the desktop app, you can change the background with an image you import or fill it with color. This feature automatically selects, and fills in the background with new content, achieving your desired result in less time and effort than manual editing. Use this feature to create new backgrounds and ideate concepts more efficiently, which is especially valuable if accessing unique locations and diverse scenery is a challenge.


  • Inside Photoshop Desktop, there hasn’t been any contextual workflow that allows for replacing a background with relevant options. Previously, a user would have to find these relevant options inside the file menu or in tools, which could be time-consuming and laborious. 
  • With the advent of generative AI, a user can quickly generate beautiful backgrounds harmonized to their subjects without the need of extra steps of finding new backgrounds and then trying to harmonize them to the subject. These extra steps can take almost hours for a user to complete. Generative technology can quickly get a user to result within minutes. 
  • On a generative layer in Photoshop, there was no way to remove background from the subject. The newer pattern also allows for removing background, moving the subject, changing size of the subject, and regenerating the background to harmonize the subject well into the scene.  


  • Generate background model(Gen AI)
  • Fill color
  • Import image


Conducted a user research session on replacing background tool. 
Look at example screens below----

  • How do users typically remove/replace a background currently?
  • What pain points they experience currently?
  • To what extent, does the current new flow(designs) make sense? 
  • What pain points they experience now?
  • To what extent do users notice/ understand the layers being applied to them? (Based on designs)

Live product demo

Generative AI vision sprint

I have indeed worked extensively within the Photoshop ecosystem, contributing to various projects and initiatives. Notably, I played a key role in the development of Photoshop on the web, which went live in September 2023. Specifically, I designed the layer effects pattern for the properties panel and crafted both the Remove tool and object selection tool for the web platform. Additionally, I addressed several discoverability issues with Photoshop tools, finding solutions that significantly improved user experience.

I take pride in my ability to see features through from conception to shipping, as well as providing support post-launch. Over my three-year tenure at Adobe Photoshop, I've actively participated in numerous vision sprints, collaborating closely with Product Managers to strategize product development and enhance user satisfaction.

Recent vision sprint ideas presented below


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