Sakshi Gupta

January- February, 2020
Study 1: Ash and Syashi, Study 2: Self, Study 3: Self


CUIs are conversational user interfaces that emulate human-to-human conversations, but with machine, in this case computers. For conversational interfaces, systems use Natural language processing(NLP) to interpret, manipulate, and analyze human language. 


  • Understand potentialities of CUI
  • Design and create our own conversational agent using ML in Dialogflow. 
  • Speculate a topic of interest related to CUI. "How might the design of a CUI help a creative in ideation process?"


Exploring non-anthropomorphic design of a conversational interface that helps in creative ideation process

Link to my writing on the why conversational interfaces?
Link to my writing on Dialogflow which also got published in an online publication.

My Role and outcome

Only the first study was collaborative, other studies were exploratory and self guided. I worked on Dialogflow for making chatbot also available on this website, and then speculated on design of a conversational agent that also acts as a creative ideation agent.

Scenario video. Scenario: User is working on an illustration using the tool illustrator when the CUI comes in to help after seeing the user struggle. Used XD for voice prototyping. Sorry for the problematic voice:- XD gave me only Indian voice to prototype with :( 

Study 1:  Prototype a CUI agent

I did this CUI study partnered with Ash and for this specific study we followed through 5 steps

+ Setting job description and personality of the CUI
+ Conversation Content- Scenario setting
+ Writing Script
+ Conversation Flow Diagram
+ Prototyping- coding in Dialogflow

Our bot is called Ms. Tea, an conversational agent for children aged 4-10, to help them through their morning routine from waking up to getting dressed and out for school. Her( we gave our bot gender) role is to motivate children based on the collected information(Personalization), help them through the homework, rescheduling, talking through any task. 

We imagined our CUI-personality to be a warm, excited, and friendly. You can find our chatbot here:- (coming soon)
Friendly note: We kept this child user's name to be Lucy.

Study 2: Visual rendition to the conversational agent

Independent study to generate visual ideas for an CUI agent. With specific focus on the 4 stages that a CUI agent will go through while in conversation with the user.

+ User is speaking
+ A dialogue is occuring
+ System succeeds
+ System fails

My idea of CUI was to enforce more organic conversations and hence the designs.

Final explorations with organic forms of the look of the CUI agent. This is a neuron simulation. From the top- left to right- Ideation, dialog occuring, system fails, system succeeds, listening, and speaking

Study 3: 

The final study required us to think critically about our relationship to conversational interfaces. The visuals created in this study would directly attempt to explore and answer my primary research question:


Steps to answer the research question:-

+ Ideation on the concept
+ Ideation on the states of the CUI
+ Successive refinement after feedbacks(4 iterations)

Concept Mapping

States of the agent

Using Format