Sakshi Gupta

Slice & Dice

This was a puzzle game that involved slicing/ exploding the cube/cubes kept below the dice in different geometries, to make dice fall into a hole. There are almost 100 levels to this game and each starts with giving a hint as to if the cube needs to be sliced or exploded. You have to decide how you are going to slice the cube so that the dice fall in the hole. I really loved how the slicing thing works. The whole laser slicer that is attached to the trigger is cool. It rotates with the rotation of the hand as well.

I like the overall design except there were some flaws in the whole thing when you change between slicing and exploding mode! Your angle of view changes when you change modes(slicing /exploding) which is something you don’t expect it should do. Other than this the precision with which you can cut the cube by marking it with the laser slicer and then pressing the trigger to slice it is amazing. So basically when you slice the cube diagonally it automatically makes the cube topple and along with the cube the dice topples and falls into the hole. It is a fun game in terms of concept and a great idea. The further levels I think would involve just more complex geometry and a little logic as to how to cut/explode the cube so that dice fall into the hole.

I really liked this game and can play it again during my free time. Right now the initial levels are not challenging. It would be fun to see further levels and another mind wracking problem coming at me.

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