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Sketch Like a Pro:- SketchAR

We are making a savings app for AR called Bankshi and so I thought of exploring more AR app and thought of reviewing one which caught my eye. So this app is called SketchAR and I was really impressed with the idea but not so much with the app functioning but it has potential and it was certainly needed in the market. With this AR app, you can trace murals on the wall, sketches on canvas(for now A4 and A5). This is certainly meant for people who can’t draw but would want to learn by tracing. You might say that this is cheating but citing Dami Lee(my favorite comic artist) I would say the first step towards learning is doing it.

When you open the app you have to trace 4 crosses on the sheet so that camera recognizes your canvas but to get those crosses it fiddles a lot. I would suggest do it in white light or maybe daytime. Because it is really irritating when your camera can’t trace your canvas and you can’t move forward in the process. The interaction is otherwise very straightforward and it is easy to navigate the app. The other thing is that the app allows a user to use pictures from their own gallery or app’s gallery which provides numerous things to be traced. Another problematic aspect was holding the camera in your hand, it gets really tiring to hold it in your hand while you sketch so a tripod is a better option.

I really think this app is resourceful in the sense even a small kid can use it to make a quick sketch with the help of tracing for a friend’s birthday! While talking of augmented reality app for kids I found :-

I really like this idea of augmented reality coloring book. How about if this could be merged into a single app. I like one app for everything. I mean only if possible :P

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