Sakshi Gupta

Rise and rise again until lambs become lions

I tried this VR game app which was based on the movie Robin Hood releasing this November. Playing involved aiming with an arrow and releasing it from the bow. The controls were intuitive pulling and releasing of the bow were dependent on the trigger. You had to help Robin Hood in killing the soldiers who were then trying to kill you. Practicing aiming was fun. This was a small game made for marketing the movie. I think it can be expanded by putting more obstacles and creating more levels.

Graphics were okay and I think I can enjoy it more if the graphics were more realistic. I didn’t feel the immersion while playing this. I do like the part of using VR for promotional purposes, I wish it was okay if we could put VR headset for long hours without feeling sick so that VR would act just like TV. Because then only we can expect the vast number of VR apps available in the market to be tried and tested in this medium and massive VR consumption. It starts hurting my head if I have the headset on for more than 20 minutes.

I will totally recommend this VR app if you are looking for a short, refreshing break.

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