Sakshi Gupta

Planning on getting Inked? Here is a must try app before you get Inked

This week too I will be reviewing an AR app INKHUNTER because my final project is an AR app and so I wanted to specifically test out AR stuff in the market. First and foremost I really loved this app, I am using it for my different project too. Gone are those days when choosing a tattoo was stressful because once done and it doesn’t look good, it gets really frustrating. Now all you have to do is draw a smiley face on the place you want to put the tattoo on and then it places the tattoo instead of those smiley face lines. When you move your skin, the tattoo moves along with it. You can even change the size of the tattoo. It curves the tattoo on the surface you are placing which is awesome and looks so realistically placed. This app also gives various designs from different artists which you can try and get it done. You can place your own tattoo image too.

Another thing about this app is that you can easily save the image by one click and so no need to take a screenshot, one handjob to place the image and save it. While using this app I had a random idea in my head which could be added to this app which is a couple tattoo. Like tracking 2 or more smiley face and letting multiple tattoos to be put in. So it could be 2 people trying out the same tattoo or different tattoos or maybe one person trying two tattoos in two different places. I do understand the limitations to these but just an idea. My roommate and I thoroughly enjoyed trying new tattoos and so I would totally recommend this app.  Well, even if you don’t want to get a tattoo you can still manage to get a picture with that design you love and show off to the world.

My tattoo Design using InkHunter

Using Format