Sakshi Gupta

Nostalgia Hits Back

I tried out tilt Brush by google on HTC Hive, and it was amazing. So I opened the app and then I started writing in the air. I first wrote my name with the brush and what I saw blew me completely. Painting 3D is so cool! You can make glittering stars, falling snowflakes, fire and what not. I felt like a child while playing with it.

Being good at illustration one would expect me to draw something like a dragon, a scenery, a figure but what I really started sketching was the sketch I used to make when I was a kid: 3 mountains, a river flowing, a hut, 2 trees. I think that is what most of the Indian kids draw at a young age somehow we show unity in this :P. What I made kind of sucks. But still, I had fun. I wouldn’t complain of the controls because I could understand the working within a few minutes of use. This app has this really cool feature that lets you add models to poly. Which is nice if you want to create your own 3D models and use them in a game or use it in your environment as a background. The best part was when it I reflectively thought how scribbling, coloring and creating a world around was making me happy. I am delighted that I created something today.

Please find my drawing below. There are mountains, 2 trees, a goldfish which is practically out of water because it looked pretty so I drew it out of the river. And finally, there is a sky full of golden stars. I think everyone must try tilt brush at least once and let their inner child come out.

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