Sakshi Gupta

Finding the Brightest star

Somehow it has always been easy for me to spot the constellations especially Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and Orion. I have always loved lying flat on the ground and looking at the stars. My favorite attraction was Birla planetarium in Jaipur, India. As I grew up fascination remained the same but the time devoted to catering to my curiosity changed drastically. On discovering this app Sky Map I went back to my old time favorite activity.

I tried this AR app SkyMap, it is just what it sounds like: it’s a free app that uses your phone or tablet to look deep into outer space, using your device’s compass, GPS, and/or gyro to locate multiple celestial entities in real time as you hold your device in a given direction. It is easy and comfortable to use. I love the galaxy look that this app has. It works both during night time as well as daytime. There are layers which you can toggle.

Overall I really liked this app and hope to continue using it more and more.

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