Sakshi Gupta

Face Your Fears

I have experienced all face your fears options: Stranger things, Dead of Night and The Killer. I am already establishing the fact that I am a weakhearted soul. I enjoyed the graphics in all the three options. Most of the time when trying on a VR app I try to figure out how the app would have been made, the graphics and other aspects of it. My friend already established the fact that stranger things one was a little scary so when I tried it I was already spooked mentally so got scared easily. I still have that video of me jumping and screaming in real life, on the sight of the ghost approaching me in VR. I felt bad that the walking aspect could not be covered because it was Oculus Go. But had that been covered, the experience would have been so realistic.

Trying out another door: “Dead of Night” gave me goosebumps. I was scared beyond words the only reason being the ghost was a kid. I hate kids being portrayed as ghosts. I mean after Annabelle and other movies. Kid ghosts manage to knock my socks off. I was alone when I tried it so I got really very scared. The last door which I tried was the Killer which had a robot in it and so it wasn’t scary to me. In fact, there wasn’t any element of surprise for me. The time I tried the other two doors I expected something to crawl out any moment from behind or from the cupboards or suddenly from the front, this last door didn’t have any of it.
It is after trying this app I think humans manage to scare me more than other creatures. Humans are scary after all. They are the scariest intelligent beings with their intelligence sometimes making them evil. I am really thinking of scaring my friends this Halloween by showing them “Dead of Night”. Till next review “ HAPPY HALLOWEEN”.  

Dead of Night

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