Sakshi Gupta

Be there together- AltspaceVR

I am going to be reviewing Altspace VR today. You can hang out with real people in the virtual world at places of your choice, be it campfire, house or somewhere else. There are events you can attend, do virtual Yoga, play games, talk etc. Altspace VR is really fun if you are playing on HTC vive or Oculus Rift, not at all on Oculus Go. I am just waiting for an event on Altspace, where you get to be on stage. As you join in you can put your name on the list and then you can go in and perform. On Altspace everyone has an avatar. So you can just go and sing and nobody will know :P.

There are interesting movements that happen in Altspace like transporting yourself or walking. I can move around, approach people, in fact, whatever gesture I do in real life, my Avatar does the same in VR and all of this is really enjoyable. Watching other people do weird stuff while they get the hang of the thing is hilarious, one of them was just turning around to check how it feels, another one moving her hands to shake other person’s hands. A little thing which was off was it took time to load for me. But the whole concept is amazing. I love it. I had a good time in Altspace. Oh shoot I forgot to tell but if you are in Altspace through mobile, you are handless :P

I am seriously considering watching movie with virtual strangers tonight in Altspace. :P I will recommend being in AltspaceVR :)

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