Sakshi Gupta

Virtual Reality Teaching Assistant

Taught virtual reality to high school students using Oculus Go and Unity.

I worked closely with the instructor Shadrick Addy to create the course structure for Upward Bound preparatory classes for High School students for College. We took 5 classes in a span of 3 months, each class being 3 hours long. So we trained the students for almost 15 hours and got to see amazing results. My role was to help students understand VR, code, curate 3D assets and build a VR experience for Oculus. During the course I had given some lecture on the topics panoform, logic, and future of VR.

Snapshots from projects

We had 17 students whom we divided into 7 groups of 4, 3, and 2. 
Most of the experiences that students created had capability to move, hold an object and rotate it.
From Left to Right the experiences that students made: Pokemon VR game, Nintendo Coin Hunt, VR Art Museum
Second Row Left to Right: Civil Rights Museum, American Revolution, NC State Basketball Museum

In the class

We had so much fun! Classes were fun and we were always available to our students. I learnt more than I taught which is amazing!


Virtual Reality
Unity Game Engine
Oculus Go
3D Asset Curation

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